CACTES stands for Caring About Communities Together to Eliminate Struggles. We are a not-for-profit organization based in Vancouver, Canada, working for social equality both locally and internationally.

On the global scale, we direct our efforts in combating poverty through our three pillars: health, education and the economy. In the Greater Vancouver region, we run many programs to help those living below the poverty line as well as other estranged groups. By advocating for and administering projects of these domains, we hope to inspire a generation of change-makers ready to invest in a more promising future.

CACTES' efforts to eliminate struggles around the world have been recognized by both the local and global community. Our achievements are many, including the prestigious YMCA Peace Medallion and consultations by the United Nations on our work in developing countries.

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To encourage members of the community to advocate and innovate for solutions that can abridge societal differences, advance economy, and improve health and education quality. 

Since our founding in July 2013, we have adopted a cooperative, pedagogic approach to our project-facilitation strategy. We consult the villagers on the changes they want to see, then invest in sustainable methods to implement the suggestions. Through our hands-on project execution, the villagers then become the main participants in building the future they envision. Consequently, they acquire the skills necessary for future project renovation. Our symbol, the cactus, is a direct representation of empowerment through hard times. Together, we can eliminate the feelings of despair and instead, replace them with hope for a brighter future.




lives have been changed by our projects.


Of your donations and money raised go to our projects.


Have been raised over three years of hard work.



We are continuously planning and executing ventures for the purpose stated in the name of our organization, to Care About Communities Together to Eliminate Struggles. Every year, we plan a few large-scale projects targeting a specific pillar somewhere around the globe, as well as many smaller-scale projects for the local community. 






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