Applications for CACTES Association's Senior Executive Hiring are now open! To be eligible, you must currently be enrolled in a college/university.

* The deadline for this application is august 30 *


Descriptions of open committees


  • Research and prepare an information package regarding an assigned global issue
    • The package will include a formal paper, a Powerpoint presentation, an infographic/poster and a video script
  • Meet specific assignment deadlines
  • Meet with others in the committee on a bimonthly basis to discuss possible program initiatives (global and local) and receive updates


  • Organize and maintain a mailing list to establish effective communication with the community and our partners
  • Design monthly newsletters consisting of CACTES Association progress updates, international news pertaining to our work, notable conferences or organization events, upcoming CACTES events, and volunteer opportunities
  • Design a CACTES pamphlet for promotional and fundraising purposes
  • Implement innovative ideas to increase public outreach and engagement
  • Attend biweekly committee meetings

Tech/Website Management

  • Help design web graphics and manage our webpage
    • Experience with CSS, HTML and Javascript preferred
  • Work on different side projects such as programming games, applications and bots
    • Familiarity with Python, Java or C preferred


  • Manage our Google Adwords account and analyze marketing trends
  • Help with social media management (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Design marketing material for promotional and fundraising purposes
    • Familiarity with adobe products/graphic designing preferred

District Development

  • Attend junior executives' district team meetings
  • Help with training new district heads at the beginning of the school year
  • Act as liaison between district heads, senior executives and Board members
  • Provide guidance to junior district heads when needed 


Applicant form

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What profession you want to pursue in the future.
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