Jill Xu | Co-Chair/Treasurer

Jill is the Co-Founder, Co-Chair, and Treasurer of CACTES Association. She is currently a third year student enrolled in New York University Stern School of Business. The summer of 2013, Jill decided to take a step beyond volunteering in the community to helping globally, in a developing country. After a trip to rural Dominican Republic and experiencing an everyday life deprived of fundamental necessities, she was deeply moved by how the locals were able to beam a smile at the smallest signs of hope when simply "to exist" posed as a challenge. Reality was a child’s hands calloused by labour, the inability to comprehend the feeling of “safety”, and a cup of water that would become one’s reason to live. After returning from this experience and participating in a diverse range of conferences and workshops, Jill has been motivated to realize her dream to spread awareness and to make a positive impact in the lives of those in need. Together with her team, she is excited to show how the power of youth can make a difference.

Email: jill.xu@cactesassociation.org

Ginny Liu | Co-Chair/Secretary


Ginny is the co-founder, co-chair and secretary of CACTES Association. She is currently attending Queen's University as a third year student. Throughout her career as a student, she has volunteered with public and school organizations at senior homes, daycares and a variety of fundraising events. Poverty in China is what truly inspired Ginny to start this organization. As a child, she has been to several villages in China that suffered from poverty. Seeing the harsh living conditions and the unfair treatment that the people in those villages received, she had wanted to leave and never go back. However, now, as a teenager, she knows that it is not right to ignore the hardships of others, but rather it is her responsibility to help those in need. Through her efforts with CACTES Association, she hopes to give a chance for everyone to live a life of warmth and fulfillment.

Email: ginny.liu@cactesassociation.org

Kai Zhu | Board Director


Kai is a third year student at the University of British Columbia. He is very passionate about global issues and wishes to make a change in the world by improving the lives of those who are less fortunate. His desire is slowly being fulfilled as he is volunteering and participating in organizations that have the same goal as him. So far, his determination and hard work has helped Semiahmoo Secondary’s Globalizers Club achieve their fundraising goals and he hopes to achieve more with the CACTES Association. Kai is very dedicated and looks forward to travel to countries that he has helped to see the change that he has made.

Email: kai.zhu@cactesassociation.org

Judy Song | Board Director


Judy is a third year student studying Nutritional Sciences at the University of British Columbia. She has been involved with CACTES since 2013 and now focuses on guiding the districts towards their fundraising goals. Since high school, Judy has been passionate about international aid especially in the fields of poverty, health and sanitation. She strongly believes that efforts from local youth can help people in need even if they are half way across the globe. Through CACTES as well as local and international volunteer work, Judy hopes to make tangible changes in the immediate and global community.  

Email: judy.song@cactesassociation.org