Reach the Youth Update

For the past few months, CACTES has been working on a project with Reach the Youth, a non-governmental organization that targets out of school children, youth and women under the age of 30 by providing beneficiaries. The objective of this project is to support youth in apprenticeship in a variety of trades including bakery, motor cycle repair, hair dressing, secretarial studies and more.

After obtaining the training provided, youth could produce their own income using the skills that they had learnt and practiced. By providing some income, regardless of how much, the youth improved their social welfares. Small businesses in the community that were associated with youth, allowed for the prevention of risky behaviour that could negatively affect them psychologically, mentally, and financially.

We hope that with these skills that they have obtained, that it could help them improve their lives and create a positive impact within their communities. Furthermore, we would also like to thank those who have supported our projects for the past year, without them we would not have been able to make such progress and this project would not have been possible.


Completion of the BESO Uganda Project

During 2017, CACTES worked with the BESO Foundation Uganda to provide microfinancing and child sponsorships in the Kayunga region. Through this project, we were able to help 5 women improve their maize cultivation by loaning each $100.  By loaning these sums of money, women could improve their maize growing and allow for additional income to support their families. Many of the women used the income received from their crop to support their children’s education, medication and some started their own small businesses.

In addition to microfinancing, we also had the opportunity to sponsor two children to improve their education and living conditions. Two of the children that we supported were Nabatanzi and Nakayiza who both come from low income families. By supporting these girls, we were able to give them the chance to excel in their education and dream for the future.

CACTES would like to thank those who have supported us and these projects throughout the years. We would also like to thank BESO Foundation Uganda for working with us to provide these women and children the opportunity for a better life. We hope that through our efforts, these women and children will continue to have the chance to dream and reach their goals.


UN Association of Canada Peace Building Conference 2017

We were honoured to be invited by UNA-Canada to attend the presentation “Urgent Global Challenges” - UN Peacebuilding & Peacekeeping on November 15th!

CACTES Board Directors Kai and Judy represented CACTES at the UN Association of Canada Peace Building Conference 2017.

This event had 120+ young Canadians between the ages of 18 and 29 to address and explore how they can play a role as peacekeepers in society. Some notable speakers were UN Under-Secretary General,  Jean-Pierre Lacriox and the Minister of National Defence, Hon Harjit Singh Sajjan.

“The Forum will elevate Canadian youth perspective in peacebuilding as well as review and validate the global progress study on the contribution of youth to peacebuilding. The outcome will include youth pledges to peacebuilding and a final report to be presented to the Prime Minister, the Minister of National Defence and UN Secretariat.”- UN Associations in Canada

Successful Completion of Water Irrigation Project!

Our 2017 water irrigation project in Kubukasthali, Nepal has been completed!

In June, the villagers of Kubukasthali, Nepal witnessed the completion of their very own water irrigation system. The villagers constructed the irrigation system with their own hands along with the support of our partner, Tamakoshi Sewa Samiti.

The water irrigation system will support over 65 local families, totalling 350 villagers. Through providing sufficient water for the lands, the irrigation system will help the agriculture dependent families to improve production and income.

We would like to thank all of our supporters, sponsors, and partner TSS for their generous support over the past year to make our project possible.

Surrey District Krispy Kreme fundraiser

The CACTES Surrey District held a donut fundraiser on the weekend of Feburary 10th and 11th to raise money towards our project of installing a water irrigation system in a rural community in Nepal as well towards our ongoing Microfinance initiative for Ugandan farmers. 

Our fundraiser was successful, and we want to give a big thank you to everyone who stopped by to buy donuts and support our cause!

Cyber Seniors Lesson

Once a month, the community affairs community, as well as a team of volunteers, visit a local seniors home to teach seniors how to operate various technology.

The goal for this project is to help develop local connections within the community, bridge the gap between two distinct generations, as well as provide an excellent experience for the seniors. So far, we have had one lesson in November, which was very successful!

Each volunteer partnered up with a senior and got to know one another better. Over the course of the lesson, we went over different topics including, how to operate devices, how to type with a keyboard, and how to connect to the internet, etc. In the end, the seniors improved their ability and we got the chance to make new friends. Overall, it was a great experience for both the seniors and us.

Update of Our Work in Uganda

We are currently working with BESO foundation on projects that aim to improve micro-financing and education in Uganda. These are updates on the current status of these projects.

Micro-financing update: 
We have used $500 of our $1000 micro-financing grant in investments towards agricultural improvement in the Wanteete village of Uganda. 3 farmers from the village are taking out loans in the amounts of $200, $150 and $150 for projects in pineapple growing, maize growing and dairy farming. This investment is helping the farmers to achieve greater product yields from their hard work.

Education project update: 
We are helping two Primary school students, Nabatanzi Shukurah and Nakayiza Mary, fund their education. Both students are showing progress in their school work, and are working towards further improvement.

These project would not be possible without the help of all of those who have supported us at our various events so far this year- we would like to say a big thank you!