The H2O Morning

On July 19th 2014 CACTES Association held the event “The H2O Morning” at the White Rock Community Centre. This was a public-awareness project, aimed at raising awareness for water and sanitation issues around the world. Each CACTES committee, Events, Marketing, and Creative Design, presented a different perspective on the issues discussed. We also held a question and answer section, awarding customized CACTES wrist bands to the crowd! In addition, inspired students interested in joining CACTES for the 2015 year were encouraged to attend and learn more about CACTES’ initiatives.

CACTES members Maggie Jiang, John Chia and Brian Shen also contributed delicious treats for the networking session following the presentation. Macarons, madeleines and sugar cookies were a few of the snacks made!

We had an audience of over fifty people, ranging from students to seniors, all impressed by CACTES’ work. The successful event has left CACTES members motivated to give the 2015 year a strong start.