Update of Our Work in Uganda

We are currently working with BESO foundation on projects that aim to improve micro-financing and education in Uganda. These are updates on the current status of these projects.

Micro-financing update: 
We have used $500 of our $1000 micro-financing grant in investments towards agricultural improvement in the Wanteete village of Uganda. 3 farmers from the village are taking out loans in the amounts of $200, $150 and $150 for projects in pineapple growing, maize growing and dairy farming. This investment is helping the farmers to achieve greater product yields from their hard work.

Education project update: 
We are helping two Primary school students, Nabatanzi Shukurah and Nakayiza Mary, fund their education. Both students are showing progress in their school work, and are working towards further improvement.

These project would not be possible without the help of all of those who have supported us at our various events so far this year- we would like to say a big thank you!