Completion of the BESO Uganda Project

During 2017, CACTES worked with the BESO Foundation Uganda to provide microfinancing and child sponsorships in the Kayunga region. Through this project, we were able to help 5 women improve their maize cultivation by loaning each $100.  By loaning these sums of money, women could improve their maize growing and allow for additional income to support their families. Many of the women used the income received from their crop to support their children’s education, medication and some started their own small businesses.

In addition to microfinancing, we also had the opportunity to sponsor two children to improve their education and living conditions. Two of the children that we supported were Nabatanzi and Nakayiza who both come from low income families. By supporting these girls, we were able to give them the chance to excel in their education and dream for the future.

CACTES would like to thank those who have supported us and these projects throughout the years. We would also like to thank BESO Foundation Uganda for working with us to provide these women and children the opportunity for a better life. We hope that through our efforts, these women and children will continue to have the chance to dream and reach their goals.