Reach the Youth Update

For the past few months, CACTES has been working on a project with Reach the Youth, a non-governmental organization that targets out of school children, youth and women under the age of 30 by providing beneficiaries. The objective of this project is to support youth in apprenticeship in a variety of trades including bakery, motor cycle repair, hair dressing, secretarial studies and more.

After obtaining the training provided, youth could produce their own income using the skills that they had learnt and practiced. By providing some income, regardless of how much, the youth improved their social welfares. Small businesses in the community that were associated with youth, allowed for the prevention of risky behaviour that could negatively affect them psychologically, mentally, and financially.

We hope that with these skills that they have obtained, that it could help them improve their lives and create a positive impact within their communities. Furthermore, we would also like to thank those who have supported our projects for the past year, without them we would not have been able to make such progress and this project would not have been possible.