2018 - 2019 Economic Empowerment Project

As of September 2018, CACTES Association is proud to be partnering with Reach the Youth - a non-governmental organization founded in 2004. Reach the Youth provides beneficiaries to children, youth and women below the age of 30 that lack employable skills and are at high risk of HIV/AIDS/STD's. They value integrity, teamwork, innovation, mutual respect and professionalism.

We have initiated two projects with Reach the Youth. 66 youths, aged 14-24, were selected from the Mbarara district in south-western Uganda to engage in vocational training. Vocational training equips unskilled youths to gain self-employment skills to become successful artisans, tailors, hairdressers, bakers, carpenters and much more. Participating youth were able to select goat farming, pig farming or tailoring as their choice of vocational training.

Out of the 66 youth, 54 were selected to benefit in receiving a goat or pig for their vocational training. Although almost all youths were interested in participating in goat and pig farming, due to the start of limited funding, it was not yet possible to support everyone interested. Reach the Youth (RTY) took this into consideration and wanted the support to go to the youth they knew were the most committed. We screened youth that had good character and had already shown initiative to participate in goat or pig farming. We also made sure that both male and female youth were given equal opportunity. In the end, 28 males and 26 females were given 36 goats and 18 pigs. The remaining 12 youths were put into tailoring to help improve social welfare as well as aid in avoiding risky behaviours that could negatively affect them psychologically, mentally and financially.

We would like to update you on 4 youths on their vocational journey through tailoring: 

Kemigisha Hellen

Kemigisha Hellen is a 25-year old youth that has previously acquired tailoring skills from vocational training by Reach the Youth. With a rented tailoring machine, Kemigisha currently works in the Kihuura Trading Centre. She uses her income to provide for her family necessities, and she also saves some of her income in order to buy her own tailoring machine in 2019.

Furaha Silver

Furaha Silver is an 18-year old youth that has also been trained in tailoring skills. Furaha earns around CAD $21 every month depending on the market prices. He purchased a second-hand tailoring machine, and he is working towards upgrading and buying his second machine.

Nasunguzi Prossy

Nasunguzi Prossy is 15 years-old as is trained tailoring provided by Reach the Youth. She cannot afford to rent a room, so she uses a rented sewing machine at home. Nasunguzi earns around CAD $7 a week depending on the season and the number of customers. She hopes to buy her own machine in the future and is currently saving some of her earnings towards her goal.

Katusabe Scovia

Katusabe Scovia is 22 and has also been trained in tailoring skills. She has never owned her own sewing machine and is currently borrowing her friend's; however, her parents have promised to purchase her own machine in the near future. Katusabe earns almost CAD $13 a month and uses it to buy food for her home.