2018 Education Project (Update)

CACTES Association partnered with BESO Foundation in 2016 to sponsor 2 children and participated in various microfinance projects. 

Nabatanzi Shukurah was 7 years old when we first sponsored her and comes from a family of 4. She is currently 10 years old and in grade 4. Her family lives on less than $2 USD a day and is living in a rented house for $10 USD a month. Shukurah lives in Kiwangula Village and walks 40 minutes every day to St. Mark Junior School where she is attending grade one. Despite this, she maintains 1 of the top 5 students in a class of 57 students. In addition, Shukurah is also involved in Music, Dance, Drama and the Debate club. When she grows up, Shukurah wants to become a teacher.

Nakayiza Mary is the third born in a family of 5 children and is the same age as Nabatanzi Shukurah. She is raised by a single mother, Nangobi Racheal, who is a peasant farmer. Mary’s other 4 siblings go to less-equipped schools, but she attends St. Mark Junior School. Like Nabatanzi Shukurah, she is also 1 of the top 5 students in a class of 57 students.  Mary is a member of the public speaking club, a class monitor of Primary two and wants to become a doctor when she grows up.