2019 Water Project

In 2019, CACTES Association has partnered with Our Society Canada on our first school-based water project- the Sri Lanka Clean Water Project. The aim of this project is to narrow the gap on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #6: to “ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.” 

The Sri Lanka Clean Water Project consisted of a dug well as access to clean and safe drinking water for the school of Sivasakthi Vidyalayam. This school is located in the eastern Sri Lankan village of Upooral in the Trincomalee district. 

Sivasakthi Vidyalayam educates students from pre-kindergarten to grade 5. Their classroom infrastructure allows for an open and free concept for students as well as their education program that is to encourage curiosity, flourish children’s careers as well as ensuring their holistic development. 

We cannot thank enough all the people who helped make this project possible - including the school staff, students and parents in the communities who helped build the community well. Even though there was a brief interruption in the course of building, the results of the project were still phenomenal and we hope to maintain this standard, with Our Society and the community’s help, for years to come.

It was inspiring to see all the smiles in the photos from the opening ceremony, and indeed, it is a reason to celebrate. We are excited to see updates as the well becomes part of the everyday lives of students at the school. We hope that the introduction of the well will make the lives of students and faculty easier so that they may better focus their time on education.